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Dennis Brown’s Capitol Classic Martial Arts Championship August 4-5  Gaylord Resort & Convention Center Washington, DC

AMAA Who's Who in the Martial Arts Book Release & Legends Award Banquet

The Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Autobiography book release and the AMAA Legends Award Banquet will be in our nation’s capital in conjunction with Grandmaster Dennis Browns capitol Classic Championship in Washington DC. August 3-4, 2018

Do you know martial arts instructors who through their achievements, academic performance, or occupational position merit inclusion in this highly respected American Martial Arts Alliance Who’s Who.http://whoswhointhemartialarts.com/. Make your nomination today

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Featuring Grand Master Glenn Keeney,  Walter Anderson,  Renardo Barden,  Tayari Casel , Bi l l Clark , John Corcoran, Joe Corley,  Mike Dillard, Pat E .Johnson,
Glenn Keeney, Bernard Kerik, Andrew Linick, Michael Matsuda,  Richard Norton, Stephen Oliver, Jerry Piddington , Simon Rhee, Tiger Schulmann, Jeff Smith,
Jim Thomas, Bi l l “Super foot ” Wallace,  and many more. Enjoy, LIKE and SHARE!

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