About The 2018 American Martial Arts WHO’S WHO

The AMAA WHO’S WHO in the Martial Arts autobiography book is dedicated to the countless martial artists
who have influenced the lives of countless individuals through their teaching and mentoring. WHO’S WHO in American Karate
was published by Hanshi Bowen’s teacher Jan Wellendor in 1982-1984.

In today’s challenging environment of martial arts, everyone needs a powerful network
in order to receive recognition and advance their martial arts career. Our goal is to seek out and honor
top martial artists throughout the world. Becoming a member of our exclusive network will give you a competitive advantage,
help establish your personal brand, and open up countless opportunities.

Many great Martial Artists have lost the chance to tell their life story. We want to share your journey with your students
and the world through our Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Autobiography Publication.

Since 2003 we have been providing Martial Artists with technical training, business management training, sport karate events,
brand building support through the American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC and the AMAA Hall of Fame.

The book will serve as a history book of today’s Martial Artists.  As well as a business and networking directory, the
Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Autobiography publication can be used as a tool for business growth and career enhancement,
gaining the recognition and competitive edge needed to network and build new client and customer relationships.
Your inclusion includes an invitation to the 2018 WHO’S WHO in the Martial Arts Award Banquet.

Make Your Nomination For The 2018 AMAA Who’s Who in the Martial Arts

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